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Watch Aeon Flux online: Episode 5 War

Aeon tries to go to the enemies main base and ends up killing everyone, or so she thought. As she looks around, unaware that someone is still alive, he holds a gun to her head. He is about to kill her, but she sees someone (someone on her side) that might be able to help her. Aeon tries to stall the killer by flashing her tongue, but the enemy isn't stupid. He kills Aeon, and the person behind him. The enemy (who just killed Aeon) look over a wall only to see 50 (or more) of Aeon's people and starts to kill them all. He rushes onto their base, and starts to kill a lot of them (as with Aeon did with their people.) He starts to enter their main base and sees a door open. He is then be caught in a fight with a Samurai guy. After some fancy moves, the Samurai makes a direct hit with the enemy. A little girl emerges from the room, and the Samurai looking guy pats her on the head, before locking her in when more alarms go off. A plane full of their enemies start to take over the pla

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