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Watch Aeon Flux online: Episode 4 Tide

Aeon and her friend must stop a device from entering this device that would cause the place they are on to sink. Aeon and her friend is also hunting for an item behind one of the locked doors on one of the floors. Unfortunately she doesn't know which one since, Trevor through the key and tag in back of the room, and had pressed all of the elevator buttons (they are on the 7th floor, so from floors 6 to 1) She handcuff him to a bar in the room, and gives her friend a gun incase he does anything. She grabs the key and tries to grab the tag, but it's too late, the doors for the elevator is opening. She tries the key on the door (6th floor) but it doesn't open. While heading back to the elevator, she shoots the device, preventing it to enter the other device. She then heads back to the elevator, and tries to get the tag, but fails, when the doors open again. She tries the key but it won't open. This happens several more times, and Aeon then gets suspious over her friend, when she

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