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Watch Aeon Flux online: Episode 1 Pilot

1- Aeon is on shoot out at the main base. Blood, bullets, and guts are everywhere. Trevor notices a bug on his foot, and picks it up. Aeon proceeds to go into the enemy's base. 2- Some of the people that Aeon had killed is actually alive. Lying in a pool of blood, a man (""enemy"") sees in his last bit of strengh, his friend (possibly lover) getting shot by Aeon. 3- Aeon goes deeper in the base, as she run into two people (one enemy, one dressed in black like Aeon) fighting over a suit case. She takes the suit case and kills them both. She goes deeper in the base and combines a bomb and a holder that was in the case. She then throws it aside, unaware something is stuck to her boot. 4- Aeon reach a room, which turns out to be a room for Trevor or some sort. She hides just as Trevor and a girl heads in. More people come into the room, making her retreat to another place. Fastforward. Aeon is now high now on one of the buildings, and spy on Trevor and that girl he was with. In b

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