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Watch Spawn online: Episode 5 Chasing the Serpent

Before hell swindled his life, mercenary Al Simmons ventured into the heat of the jungle to retrieve Major Forsberg, a fallen soldier who sought sanctuary in a hidden temple to escape the horrors of war. Sent by Jason Wynn, Simmons mission was to bring Forsberg back to him alive if possible, dead if necessary. It does not matter that Forsberg is a trusted friend. Orders are orders. Simmons betrays his friend without regret. Cogliostro tells Spawn these memories have meaning. They are defining moments in Al Simmons destiny as a pawn of Malebolgia. Spawn claims he did not know what Wynn meant to do with Forsberg, but Cogliostro knows better. What neither is aware of is that Wynn has kept the major alive for all of these years in an opium den, in a cell where Forsberg rots. Now Wynn has come to visit the major in his cell and Wynn wants to know about a mask that was in the temple when he was captured. It is the war mask of Genghis Khan. The mask possesses great power, and Wynn wants it.

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