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Watch Spawn online: Episode 4 Hunter's Moon

The full moon illuminates the scum of Spawn Alley as a predator pimp beats on one of his hookers. Spawn watches the incident and remembers his own violent past. He remembers when Wanda found his guns and all he could think to do was strike her. Has he always been a creature of violence? Did Malebolgia choose correctly when he changed him to a Hellspawn? The pimp attempts to seduce a lost innocent named Lilly. But the beautiful girl's innocence is as tenuous as her claws are sharp. In a blink, the pimps men are mangled, snapped and broken and their veins drained of blood. Again, Spawn is blamed. Twitch, who has begun to come around, knows Spawn has nothing to do with these murders. The bullet to his head has erased Twitches memory, but now the cop is having strange visions. Visions that tell him nothing human killed the pimps lackeys. Cogliostro learns of Spawns disguised seduction of Wanda and curses the Hellspawn for his lack of honor. Spawn is quick to point out that Cog was a Hell

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