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Watch Spawn online: Episode 3 Seed of the Hellspawn

Twitch lies wounded in his hospital bed, his memory as shattered as his brain. The blame for the shooting has been shifted to Spawn when in fact the shooter is Chief Banks, a Jason Wynn puppet. Spawn finds sanctuary from the streets with Cogliostro who reluctantly tells Spawn that his scarlet shroud can be used to turn the Hellspawn into any form he requires, including human. In human form Spawn attempts to visit Wanda, but instead, a wise blind woman, Granny, knows that the mysterious visitor is her daughters dead husband. Has he come back as an angel, or curse? Twitch tries to remember who shot him while Wynn reams Banks for botching the hit. If Twitch remembers that the chief was the trigger man, then the cesspool of Wynn's corruption could be exposed. But the walls are closing in. Terry Fitzgerald has contacted NSC investigators and hands over information that could bring down Wynn for good. As Wynn's world crumbles and collapses, an old friend calls in and informs Jason of Terry

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