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Watch Spawn online: Episode 6 Hellzapoppin

Now, it is Jason Wynn who is the haunted man. His schemes are crumbling. His sleep is an endless series of nightmarish visions. He is convinced that he is being called by an evil force and somehow he finds comfort in its familiarity. But the comfort is short lived when a visitor comes to his tower office for a visit. The visitor is Spawn. He has come to Wynn to issue a warning, and show the evil Wynn a glimpse of Hell. But before the visit is concluded Wynn wakes and finds it was all a dream. Or was it? In the alley Spawn and Cogliostro argue. Cogliostro tries to tell Spawn to forget about his former life. It is time for the Hellspawn to forget the past and worry about the future. He tells Spawn that he and Wynn are entangled. That Malebolgia has always guided both their lives. Spawn demands that the old man say who he is and Cogliostro confesses that the dark one, Malebolgia was once his master too. He knows that if Spawn kills Wynn he will deliver Wynn to the fold and in turn, do M

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