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Watch Spawn online: Episode 3 Colors of Blood

Wynn's search for the missing Terry Fitzgerald continues. He sits and meets with Wanda, while outside Merrick and a team of killers waits to ambush Terry when he arrives home. Terry tries to call his wife, but hears Jason is there and hangs up. Confused, panicked, and on the run, Terry wanders not knowing what his next move will be. Back in the alley, drug dealers have invaded and are terrorizing the Spawn protects. Burke and Twitch try to roust the dealers, but have little. It is only after the dealers brutally murder one of the residence of the alley that the Spawn, reluctant to be a hero, becomes involved. One by one the Hellspawn eliminates the dealers until only the leader is left. In a final act of poetic justice, Spawn leaves the lead dealer to the mercy of the inhabitants of Rat City. Has this Hellspawn found some scrap of humanity within himself? Or is this the act of a predator whose territory has been invaded? Has his basic instinct to kill taken hold of him? He knows he h

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