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Spawn is tortured, and tormented by relentless dreams of Terry sleeping with Wanda. Nightmares where the two of them are happy to be rid of Al Simmons, happy that he's dead. They are the distorted fever dreams of a Hellspawn twisted by the ugly hand of Clown and his boss, Malebolgia. Clown tries to get Spawn to blame Terry for stealing his wife, and ruining his life. Clown will do anything to prod the Hellspawn and turn him into the evil leader of the damned that he was born to be. Meanwhile, Terry is being framed by Jason Wynn because of the private investigation that Terry has been running in order to expose Wynn for selling illegal arms to outlaw countries. The frame-job is clever and air-tight. Terry is in deep trouble. To make matters worse, Wynn sends MERRICK, a company assassin to kill Fitzgerald. Spawn is there every step of the way, tracking Terry, and putting down the hit-men as he goes. He doesn't want anybody else to kill Fitzgerald, because Spawn wants him for himself. D

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