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Watch Spawn online: Episode 6 End Games

After torturing a stool-pigeon, Spawn learns that it was Antonio Twistelli who kidnapped Cyan while at the safe house. But Tony's boys have lost the girl to the deadly hands of Billy Kincaid. News of the screw-up travels fast and Jason Wynn confronts Senator McMillian about Billy's actions. McMillian denies any knowledge of his killer son's doings, and both men are left wondering who could be behind it. Wynn believes the senator has nothing to do with the interference and is convinced that there are other players in the mix who are screwing with his plans. He sends Chapel off to track down the weapon thief, while he concocts his next move. Meanwhile, Antonio Twistelli prepares to leave town knowing that losing the child will cause him a great deal of trouble. But before he can leave, Spawn descends out of the darkness and makes the fat mob boss talk. All Spawn gets out of him is a physical description of Billy and that he drives an ice-cream truck. Downtown, Twitch has uncovered the

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