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What is Second Time Around (1974) about?
An amusing and cleverly scripted UK comedy series written by Richard Waring of classic comedy gems such as 'The Marriage Lines', 'Not in Front of the Children' and 'My Wife Next Door' fame. It concerns a middle-aged man (the ever dependable Michael Craig) who, ten years after his divorce, falls for a much younger lady (Patricia Brake), much to the disgust of family and friends! The first series covers the courtship and the second their life after marriage. A gem of a show which deserves to be released onto dvd or video. A pilot for a US adaptation of this series entitled 'Wild About Harry' was aired on NBC on May 26th 1978. I would like to thank Steven Smith for all his kindness and assistance with the episode synopsis - bless you Steven, couldn't have done it without you!

Actors: Michael Craig, Patricia Brake, Patricia Driscoll, Jacqueline Clarke, Gerald Flood

Season 1 of Second Time Around (1974)

Season 2 of Second Time Around (1974)

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