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What is Welcome To Paradox about?
Welcome to Paradox is a provocative sci-fi anthology series. All episodes are based on short stories by renowned sf writers and adapted for TV screening. To create a common background for the separate stories, they are set in the futuristic city of Betaville (a nod to Jean-Luc Goddard's classic sf movie Alphaville). Each episode is introduced by a host character called Paradox. Betaville is an utopian city where crime, violence, disease and other problems of society no longer exist. But all this has a dark side: virtual reality is taking over real life, people are struggling to keep control over their near-perfect machines and their own humanity.

Actors: Michael Philip
Genre: Science-Fiction

Season 1 of Welcome to Paradox

    Episode 8: Hemeac  
    Episode 11: Options  
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