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Watch Linda Green online: Episode 10 Four Friends

Michelle, Darren and Jimmy are off to an old friend's wedding do and they all pile round to Linda's to wait for the cab. Jimmy shows up with a bloody nose—he's dating Gaynor again and she's got quite a temper on her. ""It was only when he turned blue I realised she'd got his windpipe."" Darren laughs. Gaynor's real problem is with Linda: she's threatened by her and jealous of her relationship with Jimmy. To make life easier for him, Linda decides not to go to the wedding. But the others don't want to go without her. In fact, the others don't want to go at all. Soon the party's happening round Linda's with the unexpected addition of Katy and Ricky who sneak round in the hope they'll have the place to themselves for the night. As the evening progresses, and the scotch begins to flow, Jimmy drops a bombshell on Linda. He's finally had it with his ""on-again-off-again,"" ""no-strings-sex"" relationship with Linda and he's ready for something more. How will Linda deal with Jimmy's declaration: ""Y

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