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Watch Linda Green online: Episode 8 Easy Come, Easy Go

Linda meets Matt at the garage where she works. It doesn't take long for her to take a shine to him and they're soon going out together. But Matt doesn't like spending nights out down the club with Linda's mates. He'd rather they experienced new things together—such as roller-blading, golf, and throwing themsleves out of planes. Linda's fine about this: it's exciting and makes a change from the dull things that most men always want to do. Little does she realise the reality behind Matt's dating activities. His thirst for new and different things to do has nothing to do with his adventurous spirit—and everything to do with the fact that he'll go to any lengths to avoid doing anything that he did with his recent ex-girlfriend, Karen, whom he's trying to forget. Best mate Michelle soon begins to realise that Matt's attempting to create new memories for himself and Linda to try and distract himself from the heartbreak about his ex. Michelle persuades Linda that the only way she'll get to t

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