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Watch Linda Green online: Episode 7 Like Father

It's Linda's dad, Frank's birthday, and he's not taking the day well. He's very irritable, pondering on what he's missed out on in his life while he's been busy mopping up numerous finanicial and romantic disasters of his kids—especially Linda. Down at the club with his family and friends, he gets the surprise of his life when he spots an old mate he last saw 30 years ago. Handsome, fit and stylish, Brian has aged considerable better than Frank! Linda certainly isn't slow to notice either. Brian has also lived a very different life to her dad Frank. Instead of settling down with a mortgage and kids, he's travelled the world and this excites Linda very much. Despite the age difference, the attraction is mutual and soon neither of them can control their libidos! ""Fantastic kisser and not as wrinkly as I was expecting!"", Linda tells her best mate Michelle. She doesn't confide in her dad though as she knows that there's no way that he'd approve. Jimmy and Darren think the situation's hilar

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