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Watch Linda Green online: Episode 5 (Episode Five)

Linda spots a good-looking canvasser doing market research and makes a beeline for him. Andy is looking for couples for a focus group testing a new brand of condom. Linda drags on-off Jimmy along as her boyfriend so she can get to know Andy better! Linda turns out to be the star pupil, coming up with all the answers and flirting with Andy (although he doesn't really seem to notice - he just thinks she's being really friendly!). Linda's soon signed up for all the focus groups - dog food (for her imaginary dog), lawnmowers (for her imaginary garden), drills (for her imaginary DIY get the picture). Andy's impressed with her ethusiasm and takes up her offer of a drink at her place. Linda thinks it's a good sign of things to come. Unfortunately Andy has a girlfriend and it seems he only really wanted to come back to Linda's to check out her buying habits and the consumer products in her kitchen! ""So, are my cupboards doing anything for you then, Andy?"", asks Linda. Unfortun

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