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Watch Linda Green online: Episode 4 Blind Date

Linda's luck with men seems to be changing - she's met a man and he's romantic, sensitive, gentlemanly, generous and available! To seal a deal at the garage where Linda works, she agrees to do Colin, the sales rep, a favour. She agrees to go on a blind date with his friend, Stan. Stan's recently divorced and hasn't had any female action since his decree nisi. Linda's up for it, explaining to best mate Michelle; ""It's a means to an end. Not so much lie back and think of England, more sit back and think of the bonus."" When Michelle warns her that Stan could be a serial killer, Linda claims it's fine ""as long as he doesn't have a moustache."" Stan (played by ex-Holby City's Jeremy Sheffield) turns out to be gorgeous! He's brings her flowers and chocolates, wines and dines her. It all seems too good to be true - and it is...... Darren and Jimmy find out that 'Stan' isn't Stan. In reality, Stan is short, bald and has a missing finger! Linda's Stan is a fake. Michelle tells the boys not to sa

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