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Watch Linda Green online: Episode 3 (Episode Three)

Linda craves a little excitement in her life. What better way to get a bit of action than via a good cause? Linda hooks up with Sukie, a PC eco-warrior who's ready to fight for any cause. Soon Linda's on a demonstration (much to Jimmy's amusement) to save the local wood. The situation gets a bit fraught and Linda ends up pushing a copper. The next thing she knows she's been banged up for the night, along with Darren and Sukie! But Linda's chuffed because suddenly she feels she has meaning in her life. Before her 'good causes' were men—but this was something so much more worthwhile! Being polictical suits her and her new idol is Sukie. Sukie's a seasoned professional and Linda feels inspired by her commitment to make the world a better place. But soon Linda realises that Sukie's a bit too much talk and action and not so much commitment. She revels in the excitement her adventures bring her, but actually doesn't really do anything that worthwhile. She simply jumps from one cause to the n

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