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Watch Linda Green online: Episode 2 Teresa

Both Linda and Jimmy are between relationships and hanging out together. Linda's a little concerned at the amount of time Jimmy's spending round at her place. Their arrangement was sex and no ties—but he seems to have moved in! When explaining the problem to best mate Michelle, Linda paces the room and works herself up into a frenzy. To prove her point she calls her own answering machine to be greeted by the new greeting of: ""Hiya! We're not in at the moment, so leave a message for Linda and Jimmy after the bleep."" It's the last straw for Linda. But then Linda runs into old friend Teresa who's looking for somewhere to stay. Linda uses the opportunity to push Jimmy out and move Teresa in. Meanwhile, Jimmy's talking to Darren about what to do about the situation. He wants to win Linda back, so Darren suggests flirting with Teresa to make Linda jealous. Linda will be back in his arms in no time. However, what no-one seems to have noticed is that slowly Teresa has turned into a Single Whit

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