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Watch Linda Green online: Episode 10 Motherhood

Michelle and Darren make a big announcement. They are getting married, and they are also expecting another baby. Linda is stunned, and none to pleased, but the whole thing gets Jimmy thinking. Time is slipping away and he starts to wonder if he's going to have time to have kids, maybe he and Linda ought to do it now. Linda has no desire to have kids, but with all the talk she starts to wonder. She decides the only way to be sure is to give it a try. She gets a shop dummy of a small child, dresses it up and names it Nick. Immediately she and Jimmy start to disagree over how to look after kids. He doesn't like the name, he doesn't like the clothes, he doesn't like the way Linda spoils him! One night at the club Jimmy finds Nick backstage with Linda. She tells him she's pretending they've had a row and he's walked out. As he protests that that would never happen it turns into a real row. It escalates until he tells her she can't sing, and gets a smack in the mouth for his trouble! Eventua

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