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Watch Linda Green online: Episode 9 Two Dads

There's much excitement in the Green household as the family prepare to welcome Linda's ‘Uncle Vic' back from the Far East. When he turns up he and Linda immediately hit it off, they are finishing each other's sentences, and Iris realises, with horror, how alike they look. In fact, the only ones who remain blissfully unaware are Vic and Linda. The following day Vic pays a visit to Linda at work. He is puzzled by why Iris and Frank have started avoiding him. It's only when he goes to leave that Linda notices their reflection in the mirror and the startling resemblance between them. She rushes to the court to demand the truth from her mum. Iris admits she did have a one night stand with Vic. Linda gets drunk one night as she performs at the club, and announces she has to know one way or the other. The family formulate a plan. Katy learnt that if you can roll your tongue, at least one of your parents will be able to. Iris can't, Frank can and Vic can't. If Linda is Frank's daughter, she'l

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