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Syd's divorce has come through and he's celebrating by coming over all touchy feely with all the girls at Craven Lane Motors. All of them except Linda that is. When Linda suggests they get together to put a stop to it, she discovers that no-one wants to get on the wrong side of him since there's a big training bonus in the offing for one member of staff. Linda moans to her mum and dad about being left out of the groping. Suddenly, Iris flies off the handle. She attacks Frank for everything he is and everything he stands for, and asks Linda if she can come and stay at hers. Bemusedly Linda agrees. Iris insists on watching blue movies with the gang, and refuses to speak to Frank even when he serenades her over the phone. Eventually Linda persuades Iris to admit what's been going on. Iris has set her heart on becoming a ballroom dancer. She's secretly been taking lessons and hopes to go professional. Meanwhile, she decides to confront Syd about the lack of attention. He admits he can't gr

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