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Watch Linda Green online: Episode 3 Lesbians

Michelle and Linda are getting ready for a night on the town. Linda is feeling good and convinced she's irresistible. Naturally it is Michelle who catches Darren's eye, and the two have to banish Linda downstairs while they indulge in a few moments of passion! Linda can't believe her eyes when six Greek gods walk into the club. She's all ready to have the night of her life. Unfortunately the men all gather adoringly around Michelle and Linda can't get a look in. The next day at work Linda tries to flirt with the punters, but just receives the brush off. In desperation, she asks Fizz if any of his friends fancy her, again she gets a no. She can't even get a jump out of Jimmy because he's happy with his new girlfriend, Siobhan. Linda decides it's time to turn over a new leaf. She's giving up men, she's going to find herself a woman. She persuades Michelle to come with her to a ‘Singles Mingle' night in a lesbian bar. This succeeds in getting Darren all fired up again, and once again Lind

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