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Watch Linda Green online: Episode 2 Pete

Linda's old school friend, Pete has broken up with his girlfriend Bev and he's in the depths of depression about it. Jimmy and Darren think he's being a pushover. She's spent all his money and got to stay living in his flat, but he loves her so he lets her get away with it. Linda has taken pity on him and agreed to let him sleep on her sofa. Pete's a bit of an old hippy. His hair is long and lank, so Linda and Michelle decide what he needs is a makeover. They give him a hair cut and the transformation is astonishing. His new hair lifts an enormous weight off his shoulders, his mood lightens and Linda gets a glimpse of his tremendously toned body. She begins to see Pete in a whole new light. Finally one evening Linda suggests that instead of sleeping on the sofa Pete shares her bed. She makes the invite sound very innocent, but rushes off to get herself looking gorgeous. She waits in bed for him while he smokes, snacks, and finally drops off in front of the TV. By the time he comes to b

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