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Watch Linda Green online: Episode 1 Twins

Linda's latest relationship has gone sour in a big way. There's only one thing for it, she chucks nasty Neil out of her flat and out of her life. But Linda's astonished to see Neil roll up back at her flat, bold as brass. She's just giving him a piece of her mind when he lifts up his top to reveal no tattoo. This isn't Neil at all. This is his identical twin brother, Tom. Before she knows where she is, Linda is embarking on an affair with the second Cherry brother. Tom is everything Neil is not. He's kind, he's loving and he's generously endowed in the trouser department! Tom can't get enough of Linda. If he's not kissing her, he's hugging her, or sending her bouquet after bouquet of flowers. When he turns up at the garage and plants a smacker on her lips it's no surprise – until he reveals his tattoo and Linda realises that this is Neil. He warns her off Tom, claiming he doesn't want to see him get hurt. It's Michelle's birthday and the gang head out to the club. Jimmy's new girlfrien

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