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Watch Lonesome Dove The Series online: Episode 11 Firebrand

On his way home from purchasing a new horse, Newt comes across an interracial couple, stranded in the wilderness, the woman with a badly injured leg. He takes them to town where they are worried they will not be welcome in the hotel (he being Caucasian and his wife African-American), little do they realize who owns the hotel. After the man finds out it will cost more to fix his wagon than he has, he heads to the Ambrosia where he proceeds to lose his wagon and team!! During a visit to the Call ranch, Mosby suggests a little wager. .if Newt can beat him in an upcoming horse race, he will return the couples wagon and team. If Newt loses however, his horse will be Mosby's!!! The day of the race arrives and just as Newt is winning, some boys ""borrow"" the doctors new bicycle right into the path of the oncoming horses. Mosby crosses the finish line first, but tells Newt that he knew he would have beaten him, therefore the man could pick up his wagon in the morning.

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