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Watch HG Wells Invisible Man online: Episode 25 Shadow Bomb

Military scientists have been working on a new form of explosive mine containing a light sensitive cell (designed by Peter Brady), that will detonate when a shadow passes over it. During testing there is an accident and an officer is trapped in a pit next to the mine, unable to move. With only a few minutes before the edge of the pit casts a shadow over the sensor, they call the only man in the world who could get to the mine without casting a shadow... The first of the episodes written by Brian Clemens, Shadow Bomb is the most original episode in the entire series and makes full use of Peter's particular attributes. Playing out in almost real-time, the episode is tense and very well paced, with some good, unexpected twists. The script never does explain quite what the purpose of the light sensitive mine is (a mine that deactivated after a set amount of time would be equally effective), but otherwise it ranks as one of the best episodes in the entire two season run.

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