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Watch 3 Friends and Jerry online: Episode 6 Hackers

The three friends and Jerry come up with a plan to improve their marks at school. A simple matter of breaking into the computer and changing the marks. The only trouble is, the computer that Jerry breaks into isn't at the school, but the airport. The result is that a private jet en route to the Alps with a wealthy sheikh, his family and entourage gets diverted and lands in the town, and the plane's flight information gets fed into the school computer. The three friends and Jerry quickly realise there's money to made off the naive sheikh and his family and pretty soon the entire town is in on the action. They all rent out their houses to the sheikh and his entourage and camp out on the football pitch, just when the town is hit by the worst thunderstorm in living memory. Finally realising that they've been conned into thinking that they are in the Alps the sheikh and his family fly off to Jamaica. When the three friends and Jerry get their marks on the last day of school, their mistake b

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