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Watch 3 Friends and Jerry online: Episode 4 Frightening Fifth Form

Frank and Jerry are forced to fetch a consignment of text books for the class from the stockroom which is on the fifth form corridor. Scared that they might get beaten up if any fifth formers catch them wandering around their corridor they try to keep a low profile. While Jerry is inside the stockroom Frank hides behind a set lockers. He catches sight of a fifteen year old with blood on his hands who shouts threats at him. Frank is certain that the fifth former is after him and is so terrified that he doesn't dare go out, even refusing to go to Linda's long awaited party, which is guaranteed to be the event of the year. When the three friends and Jerry along with the rest of their class have to watch a play put on by the fifth form, Frank realises that the threats he heard were actually just the fifth former practising his lines. Frank becomes so enraged that he shouts out, interrupting the play, thus incurring the wrath of the fifth former.

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