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Watch 3 Friends and Jerry online: Episode 3 The Flea Market

Their class is trying to raise money for a school trip, and the three friends and Jerry come up with a plan to flog any old junk they can find in their basements to make some money. Jerry's contribution is an old vase that no one seemed to want that he took from his basement without asking. An old woman comes along and buys the vase. When Jerry's mother can't find an ugly old vase given to them by an aunt who is now coming to visit, Jerry realises his mistake and promises Frank his new baseball glove if he'll help him get the vase back from the old lady. After numerous attempts they finally succeed and Jerry runs home with the vase. Once inside, he carelessly manages to break the vase after all, which turns out not to have been the ugly vase from his aunt but a precious gift from Jerry's dad to his mum. Meanwhile, Jerry's mum had given away Jerry's baseball glove to Linda and the girls for their flea market drive and with nothing to give Frank ends up getting a month of wedgies.

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