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Watch 3 Friends and Jerry online: Episode 2 The Old People's Party

Examining the aftermath of a particularly raucous party in the school dining-hall, a moratorium on school parties is announced. In addition, the three friends and Jerry, along with the rest of the class, go on a school trip to the old people's home to learn how to behave. There the three friends and Jerry meet Grandpa Bertwhistle who with his extensive knowledge of explosives turns out to be far more interesting than they had expected. They decide that if they arrange a party for the old people then maybe they'll be allowed to have their own parties again, with the added bonus that the pensioners might be so pleased they'd write the three friends and Jerry into their wills. Meanwhile, Tony is planning a rave party across the street. There is a mix up with the buses and all the pensioners show up at Tony's party while the ravers turn up at the old people's party. The ravers end up having a great time playing bingo and engaging in other pensioner pursuits, as do the old people dancing aw

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