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Watch 3 Friends and Jerry online: Episode 1 The Delivery

Jerry has gotten a job in the local shop as delivery boy. Trying to impress the three friends he makes it seem as if he does nothing but hang around at the shop all day chatting and eating as many sweets as he likes. This picture, of course, is far from the truth, but the three friends are taken in. Jealous of Jerry's cushy job the three friends decide to make sure he gets some work to do, so they call in an huge order of sweets and other goodies claiming to be Roy Johnson. Jerry struggles off on his bicycle with his heavy load, and arrives at the Johnson residence sweating profusely. The three friends are waiting there behind a bush to enjoy the show when Roy tells Jerry to take it all back. Just as Roy is starting to tell Jerry off, his daughter, Mimmi, comes up and assumes that the goodies are for her birthday, which Roy has actually forgotten. The three friends' plan backfires when Roy slips Jerry some extra money to keep quiet and invites him in for Mimmi's birthday party.

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