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Watch 3 Friends and Jerry online: Episode 13 Camping

The three friends and Jerry are going to camp out in the yard. At the same time, a local farmer's goat has run off, and Frank uses a portion of the ""wanted"" poster to convince his friends and Jerry that there is a maniacal murderer on the loose. Thomas and Eric get so scared they run off home and Jerry goes off sleep-walking in the night while Frank is asleep. Meanwhile, the goat has found its way into Jerry's sleeping bag and when Frank tries to wake Jerry and the goat appears, he becomes so terrified that he begins to believe his own story and passes out. The next morning his mother finds the goat and remembering the poster calls the farmer to come and collect it. Thankful for the safe return of his goat, the farmer gives Frank a reward - a whole day on his farm learning how to milk goats.

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