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Watch 3 Friends and Jerry online: Episode 8 Neat and Tidy

As usual, Frank returns home from school completely filthy. His mum, exasperated at the constant washing she has to do on his account promises him 10 pounds if he can manage to stay clean for a whole day. Thrilled at the prospect of easy money, and not completely unaware of the effect an improved appearance might have on Linda, Frank is determined to stay neat and tidy. However, that turns out to be more difficult than he had thought, and he has a hard time avoiding his friends' attempts at sullying him. While at school, they attend an information meeting about the dangers of rabies and how to spot someone who's been infected. By the end of the day, Frank has somehow managed to avoid getting dirty, but if they missed Frank his friends have managed to turn his room into an absolute pig sty, for which his mother takes back the 10 pounds. Enraged that all his efforts came to naught, Frank begins to foam at the mouth. Remembering what they learned in the information meeting Thomas, Eric an

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