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Watch 3 Friends and Jerry online: Episode 7 Boomerang

The class is going to start learning about Australia. Jerry tells the teacher about his Australian pen pal who is coming for a visit and the teacher suggests that he come along to talk to the class about his homeland. Meanwhile Jerry impresses everyone with tales about his friend's amazing talents ranging from crocodile wrestling to boomerang throwing. Jerry brings in his boomerang and the class decides to have a contest to see who can make the boomerang come back. As Jerry's friend is giving a slide show it becomes obvious that he isn't Australian at all and the class becomes unruly as they vent their anger at Jerry's deception. At that moment Jerry's friend reveals his true talent - he is an amazing impersonator - and calms the class with a few quick barks in the PE teacher's voice. Immediately popular again, everyone is asking him to imitate them. In the end he does an imitation of Frank having a tantrum, which sends Frank into such a rage that he throws the boomerang, which misses

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