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Watch 3 Friends and Jerry online: Episode 3 Stars in your Eyes

Dick Priest is addressing the adult community's concerns about the inappropriate music that their children are being exposed to and suggests a music competition in which only nice music will be allowed. All participants get to impersonate a band of their choosing, and the winner gets a prize. The three friends and Jerry decide they want to be a heavy metal band and go to Tony for help as they don't actually own any heavy metal music. Always happy for a chance to create mischief, Tony takes advantage of their ignorance and gives them a CD of ""Dogsun"" - the very band most vilified by Dick Priest. After Linda and the girls' performance - which turns out to be a real crowd pleaser despite the attempted sabotage by the three friends and Jerry - the boys head-bang along to ""Dogsun"" in front of a horrified audience. An uncushioned stage dive finale and undoubtedly a good thrashing from the PE teacher puts them all in hospital where they reveal the mastermind behind the fiasco, who is subjecte

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