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Watch 3 Friends and Jerry online: Episode 5 Brake Slamming

Jerry and Frank both have bikes with pedal brakes and decide to have a competition to see who can make the longest skid marks. Frank, determined to win, particularly as the prize is a kiss from Linda, gives it his best shot. He wins the competition but crashes through the door of the shop and ends up in a pile of damaged groceries, too dazed to collect his prize. While everyone is preoccupied with Frank, a lorry drives over Frank's bike transforming it into a pile of twisted metal. Frank is given a new bike by his parents, but this one has hand brakes. Jerry offers to give Frank his father's Sports trophy, which he claims is his championship trophy in ""Brake Slamming"" in return for a ride of Frank's fancy new bike. Frank agrees but when Jerry rides off on Frank's bike to go and pick up the trophy he runs full speed into a wall as he doesn't realise that it doesn't have pedal brakes.

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