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Watch 3 Friends and Jerry online: Episode 2 The Bank Robbery

The three friends and Jerry are hoping to raise more money than anyone else in the class for their annual charity drive. They decide to go and look for cans over at the industrial site. Meanwhile there has been a hold up at a bank in the area and the thieves, who were disguised as children, have made off with a considerable sum of money. When they see all the attention the ""child gang"" is getting on TV, they begin to regret having disguised themselves. The police spot the three friends and Jerry with their sack of cans and go after them thinking they must be the bank robbers. They finally arrest them in a TV studio where they are giving an interview to a reporter who also thinks they are the ""child gang"". This is too much for the real bank robbers, who show up at the studio demanding their rightful recognition. In the end, the three friends and Jerry are given some cheap piggy banks for having helped catch the robbers, while the bank manager runs off with the sack of cans, and Linda an

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