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Watch The Agatha Christie Hour online: Episode 1 The Case of the Middle-Aged Wife

Maria Packington's husband George is making a fool of himself over his young blonde secretary, Nancy. In her unhappiness, Maria turns to Mr. Parker Pyne for professional advice and assistance. Mr. Parker Pyne engages the services of the young and handsome Claude Luttrell, who helps Maria turn the tables on George. George had told Maria to take up a hobby - so she does - dancing the nights away at 'The Aphrodite', London's top nightclub, with Claude in attendance, and wearing a new, expensive and luxuriant wardrobe of beautiful evening gowns, fur wraps and accessories. Unexpectedly, Claude, the hardened lounge lizard, finds himself falling in love with the newly glamourous Maria Packington. A charming love story of an autumn romance from the pen of Agatha Christie.

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