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What is The Beachcombers about?
Welcome to The Beachcombers guide at TV Tome. The Beachcombers holds the record for being the longest running television series in Candian history - 19 years. It has appeared in 31 countries and 5 languages. A Special Note from the Editor Concerning the Name of Relic's Boat:From time to time, I get emails from people enquiring about various aspects of the show - and I thank you folks for your interest. By far, the most common question is "What was the name of Relic's boat?" This question comes up so often, that I have decided to post the answer here. Relic's boat did not have a name. In the scripts for the show, it was only ever referred to as "the jet-boat" or simply "Relic's boat". Relic's dilapitated houseboat did have a name ("Chuck-Chee" - derived from a local BC native language. I am not sure what the "Chee" portion of it means...but "Chuck" means "water"). People often mistake the houseboat's name for that of the jet-boat. But, the truth is: Relic's boat neve

Actors: Cameron Bancroft, Janet-Laine Green, Beau Heaton, Don Granberry, Bob Park, Reg Romero, Pat John, Cory Douglas, Juliet Randall, Charlene Aleck, Jackson Davies, Dion Luther, Marianne Jones, Bruno Gerussi, Robert Clothier, Rae Brown, Joe Austin

Season 1 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : Partners  
    Episode : Jet Boat  
    Episode : Totem  
    Episode : Easy Day  
    Episode : Potlatch  
    Episode : Sadie  
    Episode : Wolfman  

Season 2 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : Tizzy  
    Episode : Kim  
    Episode : Bathtubs  

Season 3 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : The Swell  
    Episode : Boss Log  
    Episode : Charade  

Season 4 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : Abandoned  
    Episode : Blackmail  
    Episode : Bull Kelp  

Season 5 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : Sara  
    Episode : The Barge  
    Episode : Round Up  
    Episode : Swamped  

Season 6 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : Steelhead  
    Episode : The Hunt  
    Episode : Wolf Song  
    Episode : Deadhead  
    Episode : Mandrake  
    Episode : Aunt Rita  
    Episode : Pax  

Season 7 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : Sir Relic  
    Episode : Bandits  
    Episode : Jo-Jo  
    Episode : Firewind  

Season 8 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : Boom  
    Episode : Sunblind  
    Episode : Manhunt  
    Episode : Skyhook  
    Episode : Ace  

Season 9 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : Leadfoot  
    Episode : Sailaway  
    Episode : The Log  
    Episode : The Raft  
    Episode : Dowser  

Season 10 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : Helena  
    Episode : Rock On  

Season 11 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : Courtship  
    Episode : Marriage  
    Episode : The Bait  

Season 12 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : Hawkeye  
    Episode : Legacy  
    Episode : Maggie  

Season 13 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : 24 Hours  
    Episode : Cut  
    Episode : Raven  

Season 14 of The Beachcombers

Season 15 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : Alekos  

Season 16 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : Options  
    Episode : Ariel  

Season 17 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : Lone Wolf  
    Episode : The Gift  
    Episode : Biker  
    Episode : Jenny (1)  
    Episode : Jenny (2)  

Season 18 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : Outlaw  
    Episode : Hot Stuff  
    Episode : Old Times  

Season 19 of The Beachcombers

    Episode : Mutiny  
    Episode : Robokid  
    Episode : Constance  
    Episode : Futures  
    Episode : Sunset  
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