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What is Chances about?
Based around the Taylors, a family that suddenly find themselves rich, Chances was an attempt at a nighttime soap for adults that liked their stories raunchy. The main character Alex found himself thrown into a world of drugs, sex, gangsters and a mysterious figure that appeared to guide his every move. A lot of the characters met their end in incredible ways but the production team behind Chances was rock solid with people from Neighbours and A Country Practice involved. David Phillips, a prolific writer, was the drive behind the series as senior writer and story consultant. In the end the stories became wilder and the focus of the series changed to include a less liked character base at a mysterious advertising group called Waco. It lasted just over a year.

Actors: Patsy Stephen, Simon Grey, Kimberley Davenport, Mark Kounnas, Mercia Deane-Johns, Gerard Sont, Molly Brumm, Stephen Whitaker, Abigail, Karen Richards, Deborah Kennedy, Leverne McDonnell, Michael Caton, Tim Robertson, Yvonne Lawley, Rhys Muldoon, Cathy Godbold, John She

Season 1 of Chances

    Episode 114: Utangi  
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