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Watch ChalkZone online: Episode 9 Indecent Exposure / My Big Fat Chalk Wedding / Rap-A-Present / Greetings From Greenland

Indecent Exposure Terry Beauffont tries to get a better reporting job, so she does a documentary on the fabled 'world of chalk', using Mr Wilter and Vinnie Raton as her witnesses... But the network presidents thought it was crazy, and ask why she didn't interview Snap. So Terry kidnaps Snap and brings him to the studio, and Rudy tries to foil the newscaster's intentions before CZ is revealed. My Big Fat Chalk Wedding Rudy fixes a little girl's project... and she instantaneously develops a crush on him. On the chalkboard at school, she draws herself and her entire family at she and Rudy's wedding, but the teacher halts her efforts before she finishes Rudy. The chalk-drawn Shwatt family follow the REAL Rudy around in ChalkZone, trying to get him to marry Bobby Sue Shwatt (the chalk rendition of the girl with the crush on him)... but in the end, she decides to cancel the wedding after a bunch of other Zoners claim that Rudy proposed to THEM. Towards the closing of the ep, the real Bobby S

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