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Zane appears before IAB on Jansen's assault charge. He flirts with the IAB detective, confident that, given Ulrich's slap on the wrist, he'll get off easy. While he remains on desk duty, Mike is partnered with the fossilized Officer Skloff. At roll call, Taylor confronts Ulrich about the Livingston incident. Mike makes out his guest list for the wedding and talks about studying for the Sergeant's Exam. Zane's desk duty proves hazardous when Ryan's collar, an irate working girl, kicks him in a sensitive spot. Mike and Skloff handle a call at a library where the librarian smacked a corner boy with an atlas. Skloff refuses to take anyone in, then tries to ticket a dog for public urination. Zane continues to duck calls from Steve Dorigan at the Fire Marshall's office, and uses his office time to discuss his father's case with Vanessa Sharp. Elizabeth stops by the 12th to pick up Mike's guest list and agrees to join Zane for lunch. Beatrice photographs them together. Mike stops by Steve's o

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