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Watch Candid Camera online: Episode 2 #2095

In a supermarket in Indiana, customers checking out must deal with a cashier who chats incessantly on her cell phone. On the island of Maui, Peter Funt, asks passersby to help out with the problem of the noisy Coqui tree frog. Women receiving a flower delivery are shocked when told that the flowers have been delivered C.O.D. Motorists trying to park their car must contend with a woman who insists on holding three spaces at once. Hotel guests are surprised to learn they are being charged $47 for water usage. Classic - In this sequence from 1966, actors at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, must cope with missing props during a special performance. In Seattle, a petition for an additional Starbucks store is circulated in a small shopping area where there are already two Starbucks outlets.

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