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Watch Chicken Soup for the Soul online: Episode 4 Billy / Salesman's First Sale / Angel in Uniform / Handwriting on the Wall....

BILLY: A clown in a pediatric ward learns his job is more important than he could have ever imagined. THE SALESMAN'S FIRST SALE: A young boy's rocky apprenticeship in sales teaches a valuable lesson to his parents. ENCOURAGEMENT: Even the astute Nathaniel Hawthorne learns that there's nothing stronger than someone's belief in you. THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL: A little boy writes on new, expensive wallpaper -– what's a mother to do? ENDURING LABOR: A well-meaning nurse pulls an unsuspecting man into a delivery room, and he witnesses the greatest moment of his life. MY CONVERTIBLE: Late for a meeting, an egocentric executive speeding in his new convertible gets a new outlook on life, delivered by a brick. LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE: Compassion by strangers is so welcomed, even by a dog-tired canine. ANGEL IN UNIFORM: Two World War II soldiers meet back on American soil and discover what they have in common might save a life.

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