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What is Chancer about?
In this UK series, Stephen Crane (played by Clive Owen) is the Chancer, a young London business analyst, ingenious con-man and social outsider who is called in to rescue Douglas Motors, a collapsing sports car company owned by the stylish Douglas family. Crane works for Kleber's Bank and develops an ambitious plan to acquire new investors, but a shady past under a different name is fast catching up with him. The second season of the drama opens with the Chancer finishing a prison sentence for insider trading...

Actors: Lynsey Baxter, Clive Owen, Stephen Tompkinson, Simon Shepherd, Karen Archer, Ralph Riach, Cathryn Bradshaw, Benjamin Whitrow, Tom Bell, Caroline Langrishe, Matthew Marsh
Genre: Drama, Mini-Series

Season 1 of Chancer

    Episode 3: Hazard  
    Episode 4: Trust  
    Episode 7: Faith  
    Episode 8: Lies  
    Episode 9: Wreckage  
    Episode 11: History  
    Episode 13: Love  

Season 2 of Chancer

    Episode 1: Jo  
    Episode 2: Ashes  
    Episode 3: Secrets  
    Episode 5: Blood  
    Episode 6: Fall  
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