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What is Three on a Match about?
Take one part Concentration. Add in a little Jeopardy! and Sale of the Century. Mix well. Remove from bowl. So, what do you get? Three on a Match, a simple true-false quizzer that had a respectable three-year run on NBC in the early 1970s. Three contestants, including a returning champion, competed. Host Cullen announced three categories, and each player secretly bid how many true-false questions they wanted to answer (up to four). If there was a tie between two or all three players, the players were asked to bid again. The top bidder chose a category and was asked a series of true-false questions. Getting all the questions right earned the player $10 times the cumulative bid of all three players (e.g., if total bid was seven, the player got $70). If he/she was wrong at any point, the next-highest bidder (with a re-bid held if necessary) got to

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