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What is Softly Softly about?
Welcome to the Softly Softly guide at TV Tome. Creator: Elwyn Jones / Producers: David E. Rose, Leonard Lewis, Geraint Morris Crime drama series. Spin off from Z Cars. Further cases of detectives Barlow and Watt. For the first 69 episodes (in b&w) the show was known as Softly Softly, the title then changed in 1969 to Softly Softly - Task Force (for a further 131 episodes in colour) and Barlow left to take up his own series Barlow at Large. Softly Softly followed the boys in blue as they kept the peace in up in the fictional Wyvern region. Detective Chief Superintendent Barlow (Stratford Johns) and DCI Watt (Frank Windsor) continued their nice and nasty cop routine to good effect. Renamed to Softly Softly - Task Force with a longer monicker in 1969, Softly Softly moved its focus to Thamesford Constabulary's CID Task Force. Characters like Constable Snow, the miserable dog handler, and the always cheerful Welshman Sargeant Evans came along too.

Actors: William Gaunt, John Welsh, Gavin Campbell, Philip Brack, Howell Evans, Grahame Mallard, Gilbert Wynne, David Lloyd Meredith, Philippa Howell, Julie Hallam, Martin C. Thurley, Heather Stoney, Peter Clough, Peggy Sinclair, Susan Tebbs, Dan Meaden, Brian Hall, Nigel Humph

Season 1 of Softly Softly

    Episode 1: Off Beat  
    Episode 10: The Key  
    Episode 13: A - Z  

Season 2 of Softly Softly

Season 3 of Softly Softly

    Episode 9: The Hunt  
    Episode 14: In Bulk  

Season 4 of Softly Softly

    Episode 1: Theory  
    Episode 2: Proof  

Season 5 of Softly Softly

    Episode 1: Recovery  
    Episode 11: Arrival  
    Episode 26: Escort  

Season 6 of Softly Softly

    Episode 1: Baptism  
    Episode 6: Lessons  
    Episode 22: Games  

Season 7 of Softly Softly

    Episode 2: Hostage  
    Episode 8: Marksman  
    Episode 18: Flight  

Season 8 of Softly Softly

    Episode 2: Killer  
    Episode 12: Justice  
    Episode 14: Needle  

Season 9 of Softly Softly

    Episode 1: Errors  
    Episode 4: No Way  
    Episode 12: Trial  
    Episode 14: Cover  
    Episode 18: Victim  

Season 10 of Softly Softly

    Episode 1: Alert  
    Episode 7: Pardon  

Season 11 of Softly Softly

    Episode 1: Feedback  
    Episode 4: Grass  
    Episode 5: Bargains  
    Episode 14: On Call  

Season 12 of Softly Softly

    Episode 10: At Risk  
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