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What is The Conspiracy Zone about?
Welcome to the Conspiracy Zone guide at TV Tome. The Conspiracy Zone is a half-hour comedic discussion on a specific conspiracy topic. There is a guest panel, which includes three guests who are experienced in the topic. There is a second part of the show where a fourth guest who comes out; usually they are connected directly/indirectly involved with the conspiracy. As Kevin Nealon says, "If we've made just one person a little paranoid, we've done our job."

Actors: Kevin Nealon

Season 1 of The Conspiracy Zone

    Episode 3: Elvis  
    Episode 5: Psychics  
    Episode 6: Oswald  
    Episode 9: Roswell  
    Episode 10: Marilyn  
    Episode 11: Sports  
    Episode 12: Sirhan  
    Episode 14: Satan  

Season 2 of The Conspiracy Zone

    Episode 1: Tupac  
    Episode 2: MLK  
    Episode 5: Dairy  
    Episode 7: Ruby  
    Episode 8: NASCAR  
    Episode 9: FEMA  
    Episode 11: Montauk  
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