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What is The New Adventures of He-Man about?
The New Adventures of He-Man saw the legendary defender of Eternia summoned to the future planet of Primus in their battle against the Evil Mutants from the sister planet of Denebria, lead by Flogg. However He Man's old enemy Skeletor followed him to the future and allied himself with the Mutants to wage a new war against all that is good. After the previous He-Man series, and the spin off She-Ra, a new toy line was developed which this time sent He-Man into the future. The animation was very much improved on the new adventures of He-Man, the storylines more detailed and the continuity vast, there was even an episode where Skeletor won! He-Man was seperated from his old friend on Eternia, although he still communicated with the Sorceress, and Teela once visited him in the future, there was also a cameo from Man At Arms in one episode, although it was not the real Man At Arms but an illusion created by Flogg. The Series only ran for one season of 65 episodes in which He Man battle

Actors: Gary Chalk, Venus Terzo, Alvin Sanders, Tracy Eisner, Anthony Holland, Donald Brown, Mark Hildreth, Scott McNeil, Michael Donovan, Campbell Lane, Doug Parker
Genre: Animation

Season 1 of The New Adventures of He-Man

    Episode 3: The Heat  
    Episode 29: He-Caz  
    Episode 42: He-Fan  
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